Jordan Thornquest

So far out of the box, but not so far out of my mind.

Note: I am transitioning platforms with which I'm managing my website, so the design you see here is just a placeholder until the new one is finished. Enjoy!

I love to create things. In this season of life, I am particularly focused on music, code, and writing.

I am a guitarist and a vocalist, and I'm currently practicing drums, as well! I am an amateur recording engineer, and I am currently working on getting a better understanding of the art of writing, recording, mixing, and mastering music. You can listen to my solo work, check out my band Fox & Capture, and hear my production of other people's music from my independent label Thornquest Studios. It's all pretty green, but it's only going up from here.

I am also a front-end developer, specializing in web development using Webhook & Shopify for businesses that are looking to create fantastic looking, modern, user-friendly, fast, and functional websites. I mostly enjoy developing the front-end for websites with CSS & JavaScript, but I occasionally dabble in deeper development too, like iOS apps and Ruby software.

When I'm doing neither, I'm either playing with my corgi Jess, spending time with people I like, or writing here on my blog! If you're interested in doing something creative, be sure to email me or contact me via the many social networks I'm available on.